What is the difference between Ideas for Edmonton and Make Something Edmonton?

Both initiatives were dreamed up by Edmontonians with the goal of making Edmonton the best place to work, live and play! Make Something Edmonton is a platform for Edmontonians to answer the question, “What are you making?” It highlights, celebrates, and makes it easy to explore many of the amazing things that are happening in our city. A “Show and Tell” if you will.

On the other hand, Ideas for Edmonton answers the question, “How are you making it?” It is an opportunity for Edmontonians, who have amazing ideas but don’t have the know-how or resources to make them happen. Like the friendlier, sexier version of “Dragon’s Den,” Ideas for Edmonton has the money and the resources to help turn your wildest dreams into reality! Let’s work together to share ideas and to get inspired! That’s why you are here, right?

Important Notes

Everyone who submits an idea is eligible to win one of three fifty dollar gift certificates.

What Sort of Ideas Should I Submit?

That’s really up to you: it could be anything from a project, a cause, an event, or whatever you feel is a good idea – except for things that are illegal, of course.  Ultimately, the top 10 voted ideas by the community will be in contention for the funding, but the publicity, voting, and volunteers gathered will still help see if the idea you’ve put up has interest from the community, enough so for it to continue with the help of fellow Edmontonians.  That’s not to mention the potential funders that could back your idea.

Please do not submit more than 10 ideas though.  That’s automatic disqualification.

Who is Eligible?

Anyone who is over 18 and is a resident of Alberta.

How Can I Edit My Idea?

You can’t do so by yourself, but you can do so by sending us an email at team@ideasforedmonton.com with the updated details (subject/description).

The reason for this is simple: given that people will be voting for an idea, particularly on the onus that they might “give time” towards one, we want to ensure that the idea that a lot of people voted for doesn’t suddenly change its direction and incorrectly represent the interests of voters.

Updates and changes that don’t alter the will and direction of the original idea are definitely welcome via email.

Voting for Ideas

You can vote on an idea via clicking on either of the  following links on the idea’s page (see image below) or adding a comment on the idea:

Every person (say you) gets up to 4 votes per idea.  Here’s how:

  • 1 vote is given when you comment on an idea.  It doesn’t matter how many comments you add: it all counts for 1 vote.
  • 1 vote is given by clicking on the “+1 Give Vote” link on the left side of an idea page.
  • 2 votes are given by clicking on the “+2 Give Time” link on the left side of an idea page.  The implication here is that you’re interested enough to help make see the idea happen.  When the competition is finished, everyone who has given these 2 votes will be emailed to meet with fellow potential volunteers (other similar voters) and decide what they’d like to do together.

You can “ungive” votes for the +1 voting or the +2 giving time vote, but not for the one attributed to commenting.

Social media likes/tweets don’t count towards voting: these companies (particularly Facebook) has specific requirements making it an abuse of their services when likes are used for voting.  These social media things do, of course, help you spread your word to the community about your idea and can help you get people to vote for you.

The Funding/Prizes

  • $10,000 in funding
    • The details for how this is distributed can be found in the sections below
  • 3 $50 in gift certificates
    • Randomly drawn amongst people who have put up an idea
  • 2 $40 in Blue Plate Diner gift certificates
    • Randomly drawn amongst tweeters of the #ideas4yeg hashtag on Twitter by Noon March 22nd, 2013
  • 1 $100 New Balance Acupuncture first treatment/consult
    • Randomly drawn amongst people who have put up an idea by Noon March 22nd, 2013

The Process

  • Round 1: Voting
    • March 21st, 2013: Launch, Submissions open for ideasforEdmonton.com
    • March 22nd, 2013 (Noon): Winners for the Blue Plate Diner gift certificates + New Balance Acupuncture treatment are drawn
    • March 24th, 2013 (11:59PM): Special!  Top Voted Idea by this point is automatically selected as 1 of 10 Top Voted Ideas going into Round 2 (Winner: kids4cameras idea)
    • April 7th, 2013 (11:59PM): Special!  Top Voted Idea by this point is automatically selected as 1 of 10 Top Voted Ideas going into Round 2 (Winner: Reviving YEG Haunted House idea)
    • April 21st, 2013 (11:59 PM): Voting Stops, end of Round #1
  • Round 2: Judging
    • April 23rd, 2013: Top 10 Voted Ideas Announced, Round 2 Forms provided *
    • April 28th, 2013 (11:59 PM): Deadline for filling in Round 2 Forms/Documents
    • TBD: Winner(s) Announced!

* Essentially, the Top 10 Voted Ideas consist of the “Special” winners plus remaining ideas with top highest vote totals seen on the site, unless certain ideas violate rules and are disqualified.

The Rules

  • Round #1: Voting
    • If it’s determined that some strange/illegal activity is occuring (say…  2,000 votes for an idea in 1 hour from a single computer), the idea is disqualified
    • If you send out more than 10 ideas, all the ideas get disqualified.
  • Round #2: Judging
    • Ultimately, this is a judging round, where judges will determine the winner(s) amongst the Top 10 Ideas based on the following criteria for each idea:
      • Impact – the effect that making the idea into a reality will have on the targeted community
      • Feasibility – can the idea actually happen/occur (for example, $10,000 won’t help much to build an airport)
      • Community Interest – how the idea has generated conversation/interest from Edmontonians
      • Quality of returned Round 2 Forms/Documents
      • Need for Funding – if the idea doesn’t get funded, whether it could/likely would still happen
    • It should be noted that based on the criteria above, it’s possible that there may be more than 1 winner.  For example, if Idea #2 asks for $2,000 and Idea #7 asks for $7,000, it’s possible for both to win.

How the $10,000 Funding Works

  •  The funding isn’t a cash prize: it is essentially a set-aside budget from the Ignite Working Group of NextGen to ensure that the group of volunteers gathered for that idea can operate and execute towards the idea.  For instance, it might be an event that needs to book a certain location for, say, $2,000.  Ignite will then cover that fee and the costs associated with turning the idea into reality.


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