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YEG’s Philly Cheesesteak

I want to have a cooking contest that brings all of #yeg ‘s top chefs (and one lucky NAIT culinary arts student) together to create a signature dish for E-town. Think Philly Cheesesteak or Montreal smoked meat! The contest (which could be set up as…

skaida 190 Added 2266 days ago
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Isaak Kornelsen Memorial Parklet on Whyte Ave

This proposed parklet serves as a memorial to Isaak Kornelsen, who passed away at the age of 21 while cycling to work on August 27, 2012. Isaak was a prominent member of the Strathcona community, an Edmonton Thunder and U of A track star, Strathcona…

jbehnke 92 Added 2251 days ago
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City Rooftop Greenhouses

With more and more people moving into the city, urban farming will be required to feed our communities. Less people are choosing to farm meaning our food comes from non-local sources. Worse than that, much of the food we access is genetically modified. But this…

reileycat 22 Added 2275 days ago
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New Street Barricades for Edmonton’s Festivals and Markets

Hold a competition to design new, locally made, portable, affordable, durable and beautiful, Street Barricades for use by Edmonton’s Festivals and Markets. We currently use the same street barricades for our markets and festivals as we do for roadwork and construction. I would like to…

Nadir 21 Added 2260 days ago
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Night Market Downtown Edmonton

Night markets (or night bazaars as some like to call it) are street markets which operate at night and are generally dedicated to more leisurely strolling, shopping, and eating than the more businesslike day markets. They are typically open-air markets that bring together a collection…

JLS Night Market YEG 7 Added 2267 days ago
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Edmonton Energy Playground

London plans to build a roller coaster around its old Battersea power plant. We already have a roller coaster in our mall, so let’s turn the old Rossdale power plant into an Energy Playground! The idea is to transform the power plant into an urban…

yegken 10 Added 2267 days ago
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Sense of Place

Edmonton has many unique spaces and hidden places. Some building we love and some we hate. Why not show Edmonton which places and spaces you love or would want to love? Have an idea on how to improve a space and make it more interesting…

Kassie Russell 2 Added 2267 days ago

Already Finalists (Clinched positions from Special Promos)

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YEG Haunted House – Revive the Landmark ABC Head Start Activity

Last year Edmonton lost an incredible piece of culture and a popular Halloween focused family event. The haunted house was one element of the Scarecrow Festival; a children family focused fundraiser in support of ABC Head Start. ABC Head Start works with low income families…

Will Griffiths 158 Added 2266 days ago
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Create a camera drive to help kids gain access to cameras. kids4cameras.com. When there is cameras for kids to use have people from the publishing and advertising industry come and share their experiences with the youth. Teaching kids what is needed to succeed in a…

kids4cameras 32 Added 2277 days ago