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Isaak Kornelsen Memorial Parklet on Whyte Ave

This proposed parklet serves as a memorial to Isaak Kornelsen, who passed away at the age of 21 while cycling to work on August 27, 2012. Isaak was a prominent member of the Strathcona community, an Edmonton Thunder and U of A track star, Strathcona High School valedictorian, cook at a local cafe, musician, philosopher, and friend to everyone who crossed his path. The site, located in the Strathcona community of Edmonton, AB, a local arts district where many university students live and work. The parklet is in front of Cafe Mosaics, (10844 82 Avenue), and fills two metered street parking spots and extends into half of the adjacent driving lane.

In addition to paying tribute to Isaak, this parklet aims to establish a more “complete street,” the parklet forces traffic to slow down and respect other modes of transportation, while providing a multi-use seating area where people can remember Isaak, and be inspired by his yearning for discovery.

This conceptual design was featured in Metro Edmonton:


and on Spacing Magazine’s Edmonton website:


To see conceptual images of what this park might look like, please visit:

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