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Sense of Place

Edmonton has many unique spaces and hidden places. Some building we love and some we hate. Why not show Edmonton which places and spaces you love or would want to love?

Have an idea on how to improve a space and make it more interesting than it was before? Want to get rid of an ugly surface parking lot downtown? Think it would make a better park? Create a tag and add a picture to our online map that lets your community know why you like or dislike a space. Others will be able to interact and comment on your tag. If there is enough support for change, who knows, it might just happen!

New to Edmonton and want to find some hidden gems? Log on and see where the most loved spaces in town are! Parks, buildings, pathways, every space and place is loved or wants to be loved.

Learning about and loving your city is just the beginning. This online community will be home to the best loved and lived spaces Edmonton has to offer. Ideas for improvement will be generated by the people, for the people.

It’s the small things that make a difference, the flowers, the pattern in the cement, the lights; what makes your city unique? Why do you love your city? Tell us why!

Kassie Russell 2 Added 2213 days ago

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    To provide a bit more detail, this idea would take place online in a virtual community. The website would provide a platform for feedback on all of Edmonton’s most loved and want to be loved spaces and places.