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indoor driving range

My idea is to have an indoor driving,not a virtual one,an actual full size driving range,but the perks are to involve the cities youth such as having kids up to a certain age golf for free and then deals for a certain age after that…

ace 0 Added 2250 days ago
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Pedway Map 2.0

The Pedway must be re-mapped. As an Edmonton newbie, I love that we have a walkable underground pedestrian tube, safe from the cold and the cars. For a city lacking walkability, thanks to its multi-laned downtown streets above ground, a the distance between LRT stops…

timquerengesser 2 Added 2250 days ago
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Create a camera drive to help kids gain access to cameras. kids4cameras.com. When there is cameras for kids to use have people from the publishing and advertising industry come and share their experiences with the youth. Teaching kids what is needed to succeed in a…

kids4cameras 32 Added 2250 days ago
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Could you imagine a cigar bar?

Classy people only. Suit and tie’s only. With a wide selection of cigars to choose from whenever you enter. The music in the background is always soft jazz. There is obviously a bar there (so 18+) and you just go there, drink, smoke cigars and…

Jesse M 0 Added 2252 days ago
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Dog Poop Light

Dog poop is a squishy fact of life in many of our neighbourhoods and parks. Picking it up is not fun, disposing of it is not fun and stepping on it is anything but fun. Enter the “Park Spark” poop light. The Park Spark is…

Felicia 1 Added 2252 days ago
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The Soup Cook-off

Engage local Edmonton restaurants, facilities and agricultural suppliers to produce a Soup Cook-off. The Soup • The soup must have at least two main ingredients from local farms. • Farm providers must be in a 100 km radius of Edmonton. • Soup must be highlighted…

LocalFood 2 Added 2253 days ago
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Street Hockey areas

Growing up, my friends and I would always play hockey/football etc on the street. How great would it be if kids had set areas to do that!

jsandhu 1 Added 2253 days ago
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Open Arts Cafes

An open mic/arts cafe for theatre, poetry, storytelling, music, juggling, dance, clown, puppetry, and any other shenanigans you can think of! Open to all city of Edmonton artists or aspiring artists who want to show their work(s). Events may be held monthly or so at…

OpenArts 0 Added 2253 days ago