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The Soup Cook-off

Engage local Edmonton restaurants, facilities and agricultural suppliers to produce a Soup Cook-off.

The Soup
• The soup must have at least two main ingredients from local farms.
• Farm providers must be in a 100 km radius of Edmonton.
• Soup must be highlighted on their menu for one month, explaining in their menu the local farms that are providing the ingredients.
• Restaurant and facilities participating must participate in a one day competition for the general public and provide funding for participation.

The Competition
• Each restaurant and facility will advertise the Final Competition by noting it in their menu.
• The competition will be held in an Edmonton facility.
• General public will be able to enter the event at no charge.
• General public will be able to purchase tickets to be able to sample the soup.
• Participating restaurants and facilities will provide a sample size portion of their soup in exchange for purchased tickets.
• Each participating restaurant and facility will provide each guest with a ballot that they can enter for their best soup.

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