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YEG Haunted House – Revive the Landmark ABC Head Start Activity

Last year Edmonton lost an incredible piece of culture and a popular Halloween focused family event. The haunted house was one element of the Scarecrow Festival; a children family focused fundraiser in support of ABC Head Start. ABC Head Start works with low income families and their preschool children providing an early learning program for the children and supports and resources to their families.
What is the Haunted House?

Operated by volunteers from the University of Alberta and local high schools, the haunted house drove in thousands of dollars and hundreds of visitors looking for a genuinely scary experience. The house is custom designed every year from a collection of scary items and manned with volunteer actors, all passionate about giving the most realistic frights you can find.

What is our plan?

We still have the equipment and all the dedicated volunteers, now we need a new venue and marketing to get the next generation of excited kids. Working with ABC Head Start and other dedicated members of the community, we want to secure a new location to operate the haunted house, raising money that goes to supporting early childhood development.

Where would the money go?

Our goal is to build a team to secure sponsorship, a venue and coordinate marketing for the event. The majority of the budget will likely go towards a venue that support several days of operation, saving some for supporting promotion that we couldn’t secure from donations.

Why should you care?

Besides the haunted house raising money to support the mission ABC Head Start, we feel the event itself is unique among the variety in Edmonton. Having a Halloween focused event that uses scares to drive support is fantastic; children and adults alike enjoy the haunted house and come out wanting to see it next year. We want to establish an ongoing event that is a landmark in Edmonton, but it needs to be rejuvenated through the community. Help us recover what was an incredible experience to operate and create all new stories to share.

Check out the ABC Head Start mission at:

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Congrats, YEG Haunted House! You have won the a place in the Final Rounds. More details to come later.

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