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YEG’s Philly Cheesesteak

I want to have a cooking contest that brings all of #yeg ‘s top chefs (and one lucky NAIT culinary arts student) together to create a signature dish for E-town. Think Philly Cheesesteak or Montreal smoked meat!

The contest (which could be set up as a charity event) allows top chefs to prepare an entree and have local celebrity judges vote for the winners. Tables could be sold to raise money for the Food Bank. The top 3 would then be available for sale at say Taste of Edmonton or Heritage days (or maybe all the summer festivals), and #yeg citizens can vote for the one they want to see named E-town’s signature dish. The dish can be officially crowned by the Mayor and the winning chef gets accolades galore. Hopefully in prompts other local restaurants to try to create their own versions.

skaida 190 Added 2212 days ago

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