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YEG Haunted House – Revive the Landmark ABC Head Start Activity

Last year Edmonton lost an incredible piece of culture and a popular Halloween focused family event. The haunted house was one element of the Scarecrow Festival; a children family focused fundraiser in support of ABC Head Start. ABC Head Start works with low income families…

Will Griffiths 158 Added 2028 days ago
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YEG’s Philly Cheesesteak

I want to have a cooking contest that brings all of #yeg ‘s top chefs (and one lucky NAIT culinary arts student) together to create a signature dish for E-town. Think Philly Cheesesteak or Montreal smoked meat! The contest (which could be set up as…

skaida 190 Added 2028 days ago
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Free Doggie Daycare& Gym

Would love to see a drop off daycare for the working crowd that included a pool and gym and outdoor track for pet lovers. It could easily funded by paying customers on the weekend who need to take their dog somewhere safe to blow off…

Rowjem06 0 Added 2029 days ago
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Night Market Downtown Edmonton

Night markets (or night bazaars as some like to call it) are street markets which operate at night and are generally dedicated to more leisurely strolling, shopping, and eating than the more businesslike day markets. They are typically open-air markets that bring together a collection…

JLS Night Market YEG 7 Added 2029 days ago
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Edmonton Energy Playground

London plans to build a roller coaster around its old Battersea power plant. We already have a roller coaster in our mall, so let’s turn the old Rossdale power plant into an Energy Playground! The idea is to transform the power plant into an urban…

yegken 10 Added 2029 days ago
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Sense of Place

Edmonton has many unique spaces and hidden places. Some building we love and some we hate. Why not show Edmonton which places and spaces you love or would want to love? Have an idea on how to improve a space and make it more interesting…

Kassie Russell 2 Added 2030 days ago
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Support Edmontonian Businesses

Help us help our community. Local businesses are everywhere in Edmonton, and that’s amazing! What is not amazing, is when a really big business opens a new location in a particular area, and forces our local entrepreneurs to work harder than they already do, cut…

Kalob Taulien 5 Added 2030 days ago
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Events tickets website exclusive to Edmonton

Have Rexall Events tickets (and other events) sold on a separate website than the Ticketmaster. No prefered customer pre sale thing. Normal people don’t get access to tickets as they are sold out before one can actually try to purchase them. So that when one…

Andrea 0 Added 2030 days ago
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free lrt during big events

if the lrt was free during big events a lot of people would find the commute to concerts and events easier and more enjoyable

shanenmax 2 Added 2030 days ago
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Bike Valets at festivals and events throughout the city

Purchase and provide fencing and bike racks so that people who opt to ride their bikes to an event or festival can leave it unattended and safe while they enjoy the Folk Festival, Fringe Fest, Art in Our Park, or other events throughout the spring/summer/fall.…

Sherri Henderson 2 Added 2031 days ago