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LRT Track Loop-The-Loop

Citizens of Edmonton no longer have to visit the West Edmonton Mall amusement park in order to enjoy the thrill of a roller coaster. Now they are able to experience the joy right on the LRT! The loop-the-loop will be built on the bridge over…

Raymond Wang 1 Added 2147 days ago
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Food Reuse

Multiple tons of food (prepared and raw) are wasted in the city every day in restaurants and grocery stores. This does not have to be the case! Using technology we can effectively redistribute food waste, partnering those that need food with those that have food.…

Michael Pon 0 Added 2150 days ago
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High Level Walk

I envision the transformation of the upper deck of the High Level Bridge into the center piece of a walkway connecting the Leg, U of A, and Old Strat. This could even be more spectacular than the High Line in New York City. Design would…

W_Bruce 4 Added 2151 days ago
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Love Padlocks Tree

are a growing trend around the world () but often spring up on structures which cause concern due to the additional weight the chosen structure has to bear. Creating a ‘tree’, like the one in Moscow (), would allow this tradition to come to Edmonton…

CSM 12 Added 2151 days ago
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Sidewalks In Industrial Areas

I have had this idea for quite a while and have been trying to get Edmonton Planning to get on board with it. So far I have had no luck. We all spend a huge portion of our lives working, lots of us work in…

dougmurdoch 2 Added 2151 days ago
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Comprehensive Cycling Trail Map for off-road routes

Wouldn’t it be great to have a map of not only the rivervalley paved trails, but all those sweet hidden trails that you can explore? The cycling stores and clubs around Edmonton have been maintaining the trails for years but no one has ever mapped…

Tara Poholko 0 Added 2152 days ago
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Gate Access/ Quick Cards – Transportation

I got this idea while I was in New York, San Francisco and Las Vegas a few years ago and I thought, with the amount of LRT stations that Edmonton has, why don’t we have one? To catch the subway (or monorail) at the big…

C 0 Added 2153 days ago
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City Rooftop Greenhouses

With more and more people moving into the city, urban farming will be required to feed our communities. Less people are choosing to farm meaning our food comes from non-local sources. Worse than that, much of the food we access is genetically modified. But this…

reileycat 22 Added 2153 days ago
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Permaculture for the inner city

Permaculture is a type of environmental design that develops sustainable architecture and makes a space as functional as it can be. Providing already existing inner city organizations with permaculture design consultants could be a creative way to help further bring the inner city community together…

KierraMcIntyre 0 Added 2153 days ago
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North Saskatchewan River Water Taxi

This proposal aims to establish a small scale fleet of water taxis linking key points along our city’s principal natural asset. It harkens back to a time in Edmonton’s history before freeways and parking lots dominated the landscape: a time when the river was the…

Michael Zabinski 0 Added 2153 days ago