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City Rooftop Greenhouses

With more and more people moving into the city, urban farming will be required to feed our communities. Less people are choosing to farm meaning our food comes from non-local sources. Worse than that, much of the food we access is genetically modified. But this…

reileycat 22 Added 2221 days ago
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Permaculture for the inner city

Permaculture is a type of environmental design that develops sustainable architecture and makes a space as functional as it can be. Providing already existing inner city organizations with permaculture design consultants could be a creative way to help further bring the inner city community together…

KierraMcIntyre 0 Added 2221 days ago
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North Saskatchewan River Water Taxi

This proposal aims to establish a small scale fleet of water taxis linking key points along our city’s principal natural asset. It harkens back to a time in Edmonton’s history before freeways and parking lots dominated the landscape: a time when the river was the…

Michael Zabinski 0 Added 2221 days ago
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Edmonton reality show

A reality tv show revolving Edmonton make-up artists. The first season will only be Edmonton and surrounding area’s. With some Edmonton small business highlighted. In different locals for venues and different challenges and featuring our local news casters.

Jason Arsenault 0 Added 2221 days ago
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Event to bring $1M in film funding to Edmonton

Five flim projects in development and 15 local filmmakers are part of a Cinecoup competition that is giving $1M in funding to an independent Canadian film. They are working hard to win, but need community support. This event would help get the city engaged in…

Jeannette Lawrence 0 Added 2221 days ago
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Bus stop Visual Display Terminal Networks

There are bus stops dotted around the city that are just a plain transparent shed against the element. These bus stops can contain cheap display panel mounted that can be an information and advertising hub people waiting for buses and trains can view and interact…

Joseph Dung 0 Added 2222 days ago
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Bicycle sharing system

When I was in Paris I used this great Bicycle rental system and wished Yeg had something like it. Would love to see this come true. I’m sure lots of people would enjoy it. There are stations in different points of the city where you…

MonyL 7 Added 2222 days ago
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Edmonton made Custom Bikes

I have done a 5 year stint as a pro bike mechanic and ride rear round, I would like to make custom hand made bikes here in Edmonton starting off with two models, a Fixie, and a 29er belt drive mountain bike. I would like…

Adam Patterson 2 Added 2222 days ago
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Visual and Digital Storytelling for Social Change

The project will engage under-represented communities in Edmonton to tell their stories and to share their perspectives, concerns, and hopes through art, photography, and multimedia. The purpose is to help give “voice to the voiceless. ” Trained facilitators, community animators, and visual artists will support…

pieterdevos 1 Added 2222 days ago