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collaborative ceramic totem poles -

Artists with developmental disabilities partnered with other practicing art makers to create “crazy” heads that can be stacked together on poles and displayed on the street or in parks.

paulfwee 1 Added 2279 days ago
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More Winter Patio Parties!

Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy libations in the warmth of a heated building in the winter, but what’s a little chill and the blare of a propane heater under a tent once or twice a month to add a couple extra months on to…

Carlie Pochynok 1 Added 2280 days ago
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Have a Bi-Monthly Creative Exercise for YEG

Fair simple idea here: every beginning of two months, a creative exercise is set up that Edmontonians can participate together on and share their experiences. Ideally this should highlight an aspect of creativity here in Edmonton: maybe one is to create a certain meal with…

Vitamin Cr(eativity) 0 Added 2280 days ago